My first Graze box: Review & Free box code!


So after recently going up a dress size I decided to take the bull by the horns and begin eating a bit healthier (and trying to exercise more often)
My boyfriend subscribed to Graze box and gave me a code for a free box, so I thought I'd subscribe and give it a go. It's a great subscription service, you decide how frequently you get the boxes and you can cancel at any time.

Each box has four snacks in it, when you subscribe you can go through all the snacks available and categorise them according to whether or not you like them. This is so the company can send you a mixture of stuff they think you will like.

The apple and cinnamon flapjack came in three pieces, it was delicious. It was pretty much a perfect flapjack, moist yet crunchy in texture. The chunks of apple made it juicier and I loved the cinnamony after taste!

Very nori-sh has the same texture as snack-a-jacks, airy but with a crunch. They were quite hot, but with a bit of a sweet taste to them.

Korai Chutney bites had a mild curry flavour, the chutney had a sweet curry taste with a bit of a kick. The bites again had the airy, crunchy texture as a snack-a-jack.

Fig roll, the sesame and fig balls had a texture which was soft on the inside but really crunchy on the outside, and was not as sweet as I thought it would be. The sponge was more like a very airy biscuit and for some reason had an aniseedy aftertaste!. The cinnamon infused sultanas were amazing!

All in all I loved my box, I got my first box for free but Im going to keep my subscription. I think the price is £3.50 per box, which is great when I think of how much I probably spend on unhealthy snacks a week. These little pots are great to take with you anywhere whether it be work or university.

I have a code if anyone wants to get a free box: 579V7BLD


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