Pumpkin carving and Lion King pumpkins!


So today I went to my cousins with my sisters and Mum to do some pumpkin carving. Here's my effort:

It's Scar from The Lion King!

My sister did Mufasa

And here's the rest of my families pumpkins which are Nightmare before Christmas themed!

We are pretty proud! Have you been pumpkin carving? Hope all of you have a happy Halloween!

MAC & Gareth Pugh


So ever since I heard about this lovely collaboration between MAC cosmetics and Gareth Pugh I've been excited. I was so pleased when I saw previews available yesterday on temptalia HERE

So Gareth Pugh is an amazing designer, I love his creativity with fans of his clothing such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

I knew his collaboration with MAC was going to be a great one!

Pictures of the collection are from Temptalia

Amazing isn't it? I don't know what I'm getting from this collection yet, I really like the lipsticks and the eyeshadows.
This collection is set to hit the UK in December 

Will you be getting any of this collection?  

A little trip to lush!


So I had a trip to lush as these lovely ladies Paperbacks and Postcards Hivenn and Yolandaas suggested I buy the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter.

So here is what I bought:

Heres the Lemony Flutter Cuticle butter, it smells AMAZING it smells like Lemon Meringue pie. It is really softening and I have noticed an improvement in my hands, this is now going to be a staple in my skin care routine. The only downside is it is a little bit greasy so I put it on generously before bed with a pair of gloves on to stop it from going everywhere. Also a little of this product goes a long way, I can see this pot lasting me ages.

I asked the assistant about which face wash would be perfect for me, I have sensitive skin and often a lot of face washes are too harsh for my skin. She recommened Ultrabland. She said that as it contains bees wax it removes your make up thoroughly without being too harsh on the skin. My skin felt really good after using this it left my face moisturised, it is also perfect for removing eye make up, you can rub it through your eyelashes to remove mascara without it hurting at all. I love this product and it is now my new facewash :)

I couldn't resist a new soap, everytime I go to lush I need to get a new soap, so I got Snowglobe which smells gorgeous! it's really citrusy.

So what lush products do you think I should try out? what are your favs? I hope motherbear has some lush in my stocking this year!

Muppets OPI Rainbow connection & a mini appearance of the minis!


So I've been so excited about the Muppets & OPI holiday collection and the one polish I have been excited about is this....

It is multiple sized pink, silver, green, yellow, blue and orange in a clear polish. I love it! The pictures I've taken really don't give this polish justice. I love how the pieces of glitter are different sizes and as my sister said it makes it looks like confetti :) It has been compared to Deborah Lippmanns Happy Birthday but I prefer the colour range of the glitter in this.

These swatches are with one coat of Rainbow Connection over Barry M's bright pink. I think if you wanted to create a opaque glitter nail with this polish it will take approximatly 6 coats. I also don't have an overcoat in these swatches as I need to remove it before work tomorrow and didn't want it to be to fiddly to remove.

Now my littlest sister is a nail polish addict, she loves painted her nails and loves pretty colours so I got her this mini set as a little stocking filler, she's going to love this. The set includes Wocka Wocka a shimmery red, Excuse Moi a dark pink with various coloured small glitter, Designer de Better a silvery pinky colour and Warm & Fozzie a bronzey colour with a bit of a pinky shimmer to it.
I'm now so tempted to get myself the mini set to, I love the colour Warm & Fozzie!

Did you buy any of this collection? What are your favourites? I'm tempted by Fresh Frog of Bel Air but not sure about it's practicality.



So I went to my Chanel counter today to get my pro lumiere and the woman tells me it's discontinued and she only had the 3 palest colours left. WHAT! Apparently it's to make way for a new foundation called matte lumiere which is only available in January. Chanel I'm not a happy little girly right now. This matte lumiere best be amazing! Me and my no longer glowing skin are going to go cry in a corner. On the upside I got my OPI muppets rainbow connection today review tomorrow!



So this is a little blogpost because I seriously need some advise on handcare products.
My hands have gotten horrible recently, apart from the large scar I have from work when I put my hand in a panini machine (stupid I know!)
 I have jagged tears from my cuticles. I don't know how they happen but I was wondering if anyone knows any handcare products which will help look after my cuticles and the surrounding areas of skin and get my hands looking pretty again!

Would love all your beauty expertise!!

Octobers Glossybox!


I think everyone received the same box this month, heres what was inside mine:

Firstly, my eyes were drawn to these as dermalogica is a well known skin care brand then I was dissappointed to read age smart on them. Now I definatly don't believe Glossybox cater to each individual according to their online profile. I'M 19!! my skin might not be in the best condition but it isn't aging that quick! 
I received a little Dermalogica toiletries bag inside was a dermalogica age smart renewal lip complex 1ml. I'm not going to lie - I loved this product! I put this on before uni this morning, walked around in the rain, drank and ate and only had to reapply once! it feels like a soft protective layer over my lips and my lips really feel smooth.
I haven't tried the other two dermalogica products which are a multivitamin power recovery masque 15ml and a multivitamin thermafoliant 15ml. I will be trying these products soon to see what effect they have on my skin, but Glossybox, seriously?! girls get rubbing them brain cells together and have a think about your subscribers and whether the young ones will want age recovery skincare!

This is the best product in the box, a full size Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in the colour 'moray' the colour is a lovely olive green with gold shimmer.
At first (like a lot of people) I thought my eye liner was broke as it wouldn't twist up. But girls have patience it will twist up eventually it just takes a gentle hand and a couple of minutes. I love this product it glides on smoothly, it's highly pigmented but I'm not a big fan of coloured eye liner and I'm not sure how I will wear this yet.

Now if you read my last Glossybox post from September you'd know my view on perfume samples in Glossyboxes. But I thought I'd give them a try! They came in a pretty bag and it was a set of three by Robert Piguet, I thought the packaging was really dated and expected dated scents.
Firstly, Fracas which smells like something someone 70yrs+ would wear, It's seriously dated and really floraly.
Secondly, Calypso which smells okay I suppose, not my cup of tea but it is more frsh and more citrusy floraly.
Thirdly, Visa which smells quite woody.
I'm not a fan of these at all, not the sort of scents I'd wear but I'm sure plenty of people out there love them, just not my cup of tea!

I received a full size Leighton Denny nail polish 12ml in 'Hanky Panky' I love brands which give their products risque or quirky names, such as OPI and Nars so I had a little chuckle when I received this nail polish. However, I'm not a huge fan of the colour, it is a pearlised orange and looks really washed out because it's pearlised, I was sooooooo jealous when I saw a lot of people received a really cute pale pink colour!

Overall, I know most girls have been happy with this months box and I know I seem fussy but I didn't love this months box. But I am definatly thinking of purchasing the full size dermalogica renewal lip complex but a bit iffy about the £22.50 price tag.

What did you lovely ladies get in your boxes? what was your highlight of the box?

A mini ELF haul


Sooooo this blogpost is a little late I ordered wednesday night and received my little package Friday morning but I've been busy working in Liverpool and Blackpool this week and haven't had time to put this post together and let you know about this promotion (most of your probably know about it).
Anyway, ELF had a 40% off if you spend over £20 the offer ends at 1am tonight so hurry girls!

I've always been sceptical about buying elf products due to how cheap it is and worrying about how good the quality of the products I'll receive will be. So I ordered my little sister some make up for christmas and only ordered myself a few things (I can't show what I got my sister incase she see's this post).

I ordered the studio cream blush in the colour Heartbreaker (£6.50) because it looked like a lovely coral colour BUT when it arrived it was it's a bright rosy pink!! I like how it is a matte colour. It goes from a cream to quite a powdery texture which I'm not too keen on.

 I love matte lips in winter this studio matte lipcolour (£3.50) is a lovely coral colour. It is a a twist up pencil application, it glides on with ease with a smooth texture however, it is a tad bit drying on the lips so wear with lipbalm!

I got this clear mascara (£1.50) to neaten my eyebrows with after I've filled them in. I'm pleased with this product, it's simple, cheap and it does it's job!

I was excited to hear about this product, a top coat which makes your nail polish matte...yes please!
(£1.50) I've not tried this product yet but I've heard great reviews and really looking foward to using it and for £1.50 you can't go wrong.

I got this nail polish in the colour twinkle (£1.50) it is a clear polish with irridescent small pieces of glitter. It is lovely on it's own or over a colour (it's over Barry M's blue moon). I love it, only problem with elfs nail polish is the drying time but a quick spray of Sally Hansens dry fast and its fine :)

These are the luscious liquid lipsticks in pink lemonade and baby lips (£1.50) pink lemonade has decent pigmentation however, baby lips shows up as a clear gloss on my lips (I was hoping for a lovely pale pink colour :( ) They are really sticky and thick which I really don't like, I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of these.

The high definition powder (£6) is a translucent powder which blurrs imperfections and sets make up. I thought I'd try this as I love my mac prep + prime translucent powder (£17.50) and this is a cheap alternative. I don't like the powder pad to apply the powder I use a kabuki brush. I think the the elf powder is more sheer and doesn't seem to mattify my foundation much yet sets it. I still prefer my mac prep + prime translucent pwder. However, the elf high definition powder is a cheap day to day option.

Did any of you lovelies take advantage of the 40% off offer?! does anyone want to change my opinion on elf and recommend me some products worth trying?

Benefits Tan about Town!


So as I was having one of my regular browses on asos (free shipping and 20% student discount...win!) I came across this exclusive to asos benefit set.

"Our mini kit for a 'quickie' tan...so natural-looking, nobody will know it came from a box." and it sure does exactly what it says on the box!

It includes:
  • Some kind-a gorgeous in medium 1.8g
  • Hoola bronzing powder 3g
  • Badgal lash mascara 4g

Soooo this mini set was £9 (£7.20 with my discount) I had never tried any of these products from benefit (yes it's pretty tragic) so I thought this was the perfect way to test them out!

This is a great mascara, gives you volume and a little extra length but it didn't blow me away. I was expecting it to be amazing due to how much people hype it up but everyones lashes are different I suppose. But my favourite mascara is still Lancome doll eyes. However, this little mini is going to be perfect for my handbag and when I want a bit of an extra lift. I really do like the style of the brush, it makes sure every lash is coated!

Hello hoola bronzer! I've never been a fan of bronzer and I think that's because I never found one perfect for me, I hate the shimmery bronzers, I hate the dark bronzers and I hate the 'let's wear bronzer instead of blusher look' However, I'm converted! I love this bronzer it's lovely and matte, it has a silky texture and looks so natural.(it's heavily swatched above). Will definatly be purchasing full-size.

Some kind-a gorgeous 'the foundation faker' I love this concept, a product which has coverage of a foundation without there being much product on your face. The smell is amazing, it smells of almonds and has a really smooth texture, it feels lovely on my skin. The only thing which lets this product down is the coverage. It looks lovely and natural and I love the natural skin look but not sure if I am brave neough to wear this out yet. I'd say it is light coverage but still pretty decent coverage.

Overall, I love this set. I think this is the perfect way of trying out products without forking out for full-size and then being dissapointed. If you fancy this set check it out on asos :)

So what sets have you been trying out which have suprised you? which benefit products are your favs?

My best day of the year (or maybe even decade!)


A bit of a different blog today, it isn't beauty related but it is dedicated to a beauty!
On sunday I went to MEN arena to watch the amazingly beautiful Rihanna! she is my ULTIMATE girl crush (along with Beyonce).
Anyway we got to Manchester early so my boyfriend took me to build a bear workshop which was pretty embarrassing considering it was packed full of kids. But I got the cute Frankie, isn't he soooo cute!
We then had lunch at a lovely little italian restaurant called Piccolino's and the food was amazing!

We got to the MEN at 5.30 and had to wait until 6.30 for doors to open, I had the BIGGEST butterflies in my belly. So Calvin Harris started the show, he got all the crowd hyped up, it was great.

(All photos above are from Rihanna's official website my camera was being naughty!)
Anyway I cannot put into words how freakin amazing she looked, I felt myself welling up when she got on the stage, I'd been waiting so long for this. The show really was amazing, she gave her fans an exciting show, she interacted with the crowd and let us sing take a bow!
If your a Rihanna fan go and watch this show, you will not be dissappointed!
Everyone was out of their seats dancing and singing, her outfits were amazing.

So who is your girl crush?