Octobers Glossybox!


I think everyone received the same box this month, heres what was inside mine:

Firstly, my eyes were drawn to these as dermalogica is a well known skin care brand then I was dissappointed to read age smart on them. Now I definatly don't believe Glossybox cater to each individual according to their online profile. I'M 19!! my skin might not be in the best condition but it isn't aging that quick! 
I received a little Dermalogica toiletries bag inside was a dermalogica age smart renewal lip complex 1ml. I'm not going to lie - I loved this product! I put this on before uni this morning, walked around in the rain, drank and ate and only had to reapply once! it feels like a soft protective layer over my lips and my lips really feel smooth.
I haven't tried the other two dermalogica products which are a multivitamin power recovery masque 15ml and a multivitamin thermafoliant 15ml. I will be trying these products soon to see what effect they have on my skin, but Glossybox, seriously?! girls get rubbing them brain cells together and have a think about your subscribers and whether the young ones will want age recovery skincare!

This is the best product in the box, a full size Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in the colour 'moray' the colour is a lovely olive green with gold shimmer.
At first (like a lot of people) I thought my eye liner was broke as it wouldn't twist up. But girls have patience it will twist up eventually it just takes a gentle hand and a couple of minutes. I love this product it glides on smoothly, it's highly pigmented but I'm not a big fan of coloured eye liner and I'm not sure how I will wear this yet.

Now if you read my last Glossybox post from September you'd know my view on perfume samples in Glossyboxes. But I thought I'd give them a try! They came in a pretty bag and it was a set of three by Robert Piguet, I thought the packaging was really dated and expected dated scents.
Firstly, Fracas which smells like something someone 70yrs+ would wear, It's seriously dated and really floraly.
Secondly, Calypso which smells okay I suppose, not my cup of tea but it is more frsh and more citrusy floraly.
Thirdly, Visa which smells quite woody.
I'm not a fan of these at all, not the sort of scents I'd wear but I'm sure plenty of people out there love them, just not my cup of tea!

I received a full size Leighton Denny nail polish 12ml in 'Hanky Panky' I love brands which give their products risque or quirky names, such as OPI and Nars so I had a little chuckle when I received this nail polish. However, I'm not a huge fan of the colour, it is a pearlised orange and looks really washed out because it's pearlised, I was sooooooo jealous when I saw a lot of people received a really cute pale pink colour!

Overall, I know most girls have been happy with this months box and I know I seem fussy but I didn't love this months box. But I am definatly thinking of purchasing the full size dermalogica renewal lip complex but a bit iffy about the £22.50 price tag.

What did you lovely ladies get in your boxes? what was your highlight of the box?

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  2. thank you! and sure :) I've just followed you xxx

  3. yea it's such a lovely colour, just don't know how to wear it yet! :) xx


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