My best day of the year (or maybe even decade!)


A bit of a different blog today, it isn't beauty related but it is dedicated to a beauty!
On sunday I went to MEN arena to watch the amazingly beautiful Rihanna! she is my ULTIMATE girl crush (along with Beyonce).
Anyway we got to Manchester early so my boyfriend took me to build a bear workshop which was pretty embarrassing considering it was packed full of kids. But I got the cute Frankie, isn't he soooo cute!
We then had lunch at a lovely little italian restaurant called Piccolino's and the food was amazing!

We got to the MEN at 5.30 and had to wait until 6.30 for doors to open, I had the BIGGEST butterflies in my belly. So Calvin Harris started the show, he got all the crowd hyped up, it was great.

(All photos above are from Rihanna's official website my camera was being naughty!)
Anyway I cannot put into words how freakin amazing she looked, I felt myself welling up when she got on the stage, I'd been waiting so long for this. The show really was amazing, she gave her fans an exciting show, she interacted with the crowd and let us sing take a bow!
If your a Rihanna fan go and watch this show, you will not be dissappointed!
Everyone was out of their seats dancing and singing, her outfits were amazing.

So who is your girl crush?

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  1. Good show!

  2. So jealous! Bet the show was amazing, I love rhianna defo girl crush :)
    And jel of bear factory, always wanted one xx

  3. Nice blog...I love Emma Watson!

  4. Thank you! and I love Emma Watsons short pixie cut hair :) x


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