Viva Glam Nicki! Review & Swatches


Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are the new spokespersons for MAC Viva Glam. Ricky Martin released a lip conditioner and Nicki Minaj released a lipstick. Every pence of this lipstick goes to the MAC aids fund to support men women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS.

I bought Viva Glam Nicki which is described as a yellow toned pink with a satin finish. Due to the yellow undertones of the lipstick it pulls a bit coral, i would describe this lipstick as a neon pinky coral.
I wouldn't usually buy a satin finish lipstick as I really hate the formula, I find it's usually very drying on my lips. However, the finish of this lipstick feels more cremier than the average satin making it easier to wear. When I first applied this it accentuated any flaws on my lips, I removed this lipstick exfoliated my lips and applied lip balm and it applied a lot better. Due to the satin finish the lipstick is opaque with one swipe on the lips so no need to build the colour which is always a good thing!

(Sorry about the hair I just whacked it up as I'm off to the library today)

I love this lipstick and seriously looking foward to rocking it all summer! it's definatly not a winter colour. I can see my fav summer lipsticks being Viva Glam Nicki and Vegas Volt!

I like how Ricky Martin has a lip conditioner as it is a universal product that anyone can use, so I'd really recommend that you go buy something from the Viva Glam range just because every penny goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

What are your favourite summer lipsticks?


Tresemme promotion


Just a quick post, Asda is currently doing 2 for £5 on ALL Tresemme products so grab them while you can! :)


Mascara Monday: Loreal Volume Million Lashes review


So every girl will admit they've probably been through countless mascara's and still probably not found the perfect one for them. I'm still on my quest to find my perfect mascara and I thought I'd bring you beauties on my quest with me! I will review various different mascaras on my hunt for the perfect mascara. I thought I'd add the nearest I've found to my perfect mascara is Lancome Doll eyes.

So this week it is Loreal Volume Million Lashes, I've been testing this out every day for the last two weeks.

(Lashes with no mascara)

(Lashes with one coat of Loreal Volume Million Lashes)

(Lashes with two coats of Volume Million Lashes)

Packaging: 3/5 The packaging is pretty, it's a reflective gold plastic packaging. It's prone to scratching as it is only sprayed gold.
Brush: 2/5 The brush is a plastic/rubber toothed brush but due to the teeth being quite wide apart there is inconsistency in how the lashes are coated. It also causes the lashes to clump together as the teeth aren't fine enough to seperate the lashes.
Consistency: 3/5 The mascara is a nice creamy consistency but doesn't weigh down the lashes.
Ease of application: 2/5 I found this mascara quite difficult to work with due to the clumping, I'd use a seperate comb brush to brush through my lashes and seperate them and if I've paid for a mascara I don't want to have to do anything else to the product.
Overall look: 3/5 Even though the mascara didn't apply well it did both volumise and lengthen my lashes and once I'd combed through them with a seperate clean brush the clumping was reduced.
Price: £10.99- I wouldn't pay this much for this mascara so really wouldn't recommend it.



So just a quick Outfit Of The Night, I'm off to a student club tonight so see the dubstep artist Nero with my cousin. So this is a pretty casual outfit for a night out but as its a student club I'll feel comfortable going out casual.

Sex Pistols top - Miss Selfridge
High waisted shorts - New Look (old)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Clutch - ASOS
Peace ring - Miss Selfridge
Studded ring - Topshop
Earrings - Miss Selfridge

My humble MAC lipstick collection


I thought I'd do a little post on the MAC lipsticks I own as I couldn't rate these lipsticks enough.
MAC lipsticks come in a vast colour range with various different finishes so theres definitely tonnes of lipsticks out there for everyone.
So at the moment I have ten of these little beauties! and my favourite finish has either got to be the Cremesheen finish closely followed by Amplified!

  • Vegas Volt - described as a 'Full power coral'
  • Viva Glam Gaga - 'Bright bubblegum pink'
  • Creme Cup - 'Light blue pink'
  • Hug Me - 'Flesh pink'
  • Hot Gossip (LE holiday collection 2011) - 'Mid-tone pinky plum'

  • Plumful - 'Blossoming rose plum'
  • A Perfect Day (LE Naturally collection) - 'Light neutral pink'
  • Pretty Please - 'Pale pink pearl'
  • Restrict (LE Gareth Pugh collection) - 'Greyed nude'
  • Shy Girl - 'Creamy neutral coral beige'

My fav is Creme cup, such a great day to day colour, whats your fav MAC lipstick? what colours would you recommend?


Collective haul: MAC Naturally, Topshop & Lush


 So I've been feeling a bit down about how much uni work I've been having to do at the moment so decided to buy myself a few things to cheer me up :)

The MAC Naturally collection launched here in the UK last Thursday, I decided to be good and only buy two things (there's quite a few things I want from MAC shop shop shop cook cook cook which launches next month so I need to get saving).
I bought the MAC mineralised skin finish in 'Blonde' and a lipstick in 'A Perfect Day' 
the MAC mineralised skin finish in 'Blonde' this is a repromote from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection. Yes I mainly bought this for the name - as I'm a blonde. The powder is a gradient from a pale pink to a rosy pink, the colours can be used individually with a smaller blush brush or swirled together.
The powder is very smooth and easy to apply, on me you can see the colour so it works as a blush and not just a highlight colour, from reading reviews I know darker skin tones find it hard to get the colour to show up on their skin. The shimmery particles are very fine and therefore it doesn't look like a chunky glitter highlight it's more subtle. I really like it! I think I may purchase 'Redhead' which is a salmon gradient.

(each colour individually, palest left to right)

(Colours swirled together blended out, colours swirled together heavily swatched)

(same as above with flash)

'A Perfect Day' is a pinky beige nude with an Amplified finish. When this first arrived I didn't know whether I'd like it or not as I prefer a bit more pink in my nudes as I cannot pull off very beige nudes. But when I applied the lipstick it looks more pink on the lips than it does in the tube.

(A Perfect Day with flash)

(A Perfect Day)

Soooo I made a little trip to Topshop as my cousin got me a voucher for my birthday. I bought this distressed leather-look backpack which for £36 it's great for lugging my books around uni, my shoulders are beginning to ache from shoulder bags. I also got this studded-pyramid ring which was in the sale for £1.50

I bought another Topshop cream blush in 'High Five' I'm seriously impressed with these blushes, they are amazing! You need a tiny amount and they are great for your make up bag as you don't need to carry a blush brush around with you as they can be applied using your fingers. For £6 I will be getting more of these they are definitely worth the price!
The colour is between a raspberry/cotton candy pink. It's a lovely colour and looks like a natural flush to the cheeks.

(Topshop blush in High Five blended out, heavily swatched)
Hello I'm Sian and I'm a lushaholic, it's my weakness every time I'm in Town, I cannot walk past and not go in and I cannot go in and not buy anything.
I bought:
  •  bubblegum lip scrub as my lips always feel really dry when I get home from being somewhere with air conditioning on. It smells and tastes yummy.
  • Melting Marshmallow - I've never tried this but it smells amazing so I'm looking foward to trying it
  • The comforter bubble bar - my favourite!
  • You've been mangoed bath melt, this is amazing if you have dry skin.
  • And the lovely man at lush put in this very large sample of Honey I washed the Kids soap, I love lush staff they are always so friendly!
P.S. I served Prince Edward at work last night and it was totally strange, was so nervous as I wasn't allowed to touch him accidentally. But I managed it!
Have you been hauling recently? I love reading haul posts and watching haul videos :)


Nicki Minaj for OPI minis review and swatches


When the Nicki Minaj minis became available on asos I had to have them! The colours are amazing. Just a quick question though, did anyone ekse who ordered from asos get a wierd set? mine says Metal 4 Life but it is Save Me not Metal 4 Life.

These are the colours:
Did It On 'Em - Lime green
Fly - Turquoise blue
Pink Friday - Bubblegum pink
Save me - Clear base with holographic strands of glitter and small silver flecks of glitter

My favourite colour has to be Did it On 'Em yet this is the one I found most awkward to work with. The first coat applied quite streaky and it took 3 coats to get opaque coverage which I'm not a big fan of.
Fly applies like a dream it's almost opaque in one coat and such a gorgeous colour.
Pink Friday is a lovely colour and gave opaque coverage in 2 coats which is pretty much like any average nail polish and it applied well with no streakiness.
Save Me I think is more of a top coat to give a confetti effect on the nails with the strands of glitter and small flecks. However in 3 coats you can pretty much get opaque coverage so the polish can be worn on it's own and it looks amazing! because of the small silver flecks it makes it easier to get coverage because it isn't just large strands of glitter.(As shown below)

(Pink Friday 2 coats, Fly 2 coats, Did It On 'Em 3 coats and Save Me 3 coats)

(Pink Friday, Fly and Did it On 'Em with one coat of Save Me over the top)

I'm tempted to get another set of the minis as I really like the colours. I also want the Metal 4 Life polish, I like the OPI polishes with chunky bits of glitter and Metal 4 Life looks really Rock Chic-esque.
Did anyone else buy Nicki Minaj polishes? Is anyone going to be buying Viva Glam Nicki? I cannot wait to get my mitts on it!

Paul & Joe kitten/cat collection review and swatches


How cute is this packaging?! KITTY! I'm not a fan of cats in general but found this collection soooooo cute that I had to get a couple of things from it.

I got a lipstick and a blusher stick. The lipstick is in 007 catwalk (£16) and the blusher stick is in 002 Minou (£21)

PEEKABOO! So the blusher stick has the most adorable mould, the top is a cat with a dicky bow and top hat. It is available in three colours, this pink, orange and a goldy cream highlight colour. Out of the three I'd get most use out of this colour. The colour is a rosey, peachy pink. It very much reminds me of Nars' Deep throat blush.
I thought this was going to be matte but much to my disappointment once you rub the surface the blush does have flecks of shimmer; this may not be a bad thing for you and it isn't a problem for me I was just hoping it was matte.
I use the back of the cats head to get product as I do not want to ruin the pretty shape. However if you wanted to keep the shape you could always cut the blusher stick from the base (and where the shape starts and then melt the shape back to the base (like when repairing a lipstick)
The blusher stick has a very nice silky creamy consistancy and like with all cream blushers a little goes a long way.

I have a little pet peeve with Paul & Joes' limited edition packaging, it always looks so pretty however it is highly impractical. The casing is made of cardboard and being a geeky student I chuck my lipsticks into my bag and the last limited edition lipstick I had got covered in blue highlighter pen and ink. Not pretty anymore but I'll learn from my mistake.
The colour product is cute there are little paw prints moulded into the lipstick, the colour i a bright peachy pink, as a coral lover I really wouldn't class this colour as coral as it is more peachy and wearable dailt than coral.
The finish of the lipstick reminds me of MACs cremesheen finish as it has a little bit of a sheen to it and is quite creamy and therefore not drying on the lips.

The blusher stick has 4g/0.14 oz and the lipstick has 3g/0.1 oz. So there is not a great deal more product in the blusher stick, I'd say these products are more for people who are a sucker for packaging. Even though I got 20% student discount on these products on ASOS I don't think I would pay full price for these as I would not want to use them!

(Blusher stick in Minou blended out, Blusher stick in Minou heavily swatched, Lipstick in Catwalk)