Viva Glam Nicki! Review & Swatches


Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are the new spokespersons for MAC Viva Glam. Ricky Martin released a lip conditioner and Nicki Minaj released a lipstick. Every pence of this lipstick goes to the MAC aids fund to support men women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS.

I bought Viva Glam Nicki which is described as a yellow toned pink with a satin finish. Due to the yellow undertones of the lipstick it pulls a bit coral, i would describe this lipstick as a neon pinky coral.
I wouldn't usually buy a satin finish lipstick as I really hate the formula, I find it's usually very drying on my lips. However, the finish of this lipstick feels more cremier than the average satin making it easier to wear. When I first applied this it accentuated any flaws on my lips, I removed this lipstick exfoliated my lips and applied lip balm and it applied a lot better. Due to the satin finish the lipstick is opaque with one swipe on the lips so no need to build the colour which is always a good thing!

(Sorry about the hair I just whacked it up as I'm off to the library today)

I love this lipstick and seriously looking foward to rocking it all summer! it's definatly not a winter colour. I can see my fav summer lipsticks being Viva Glam Nicki and Vegas Volt!

I like how Ricky Martin has a lip conditioner as it is a universal product that anyone can use, so I'd really recommend that you go buy something from the Viva Glam range just because every penny goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

What are your favourite summer lipsticks?


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  1. Amazing advertising!!
    Check out my blog, I posted some fashion drawings made by me and I'll be happy to read your opinion!

    1. Sorry, just thought I'd let you know I'm not advertising this product, I bought it with my own money and just reviewing and swatchingfor the interest of others. I will check your blog out now, thank you for stopping by! :) xoxo

  2. It looks amazing on you! It'll be lovely in summer time :) xx

    1. It's definitely a summer colour! Thank you :) xx


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