MAC Shop Runaway Red Lipstick: Review & Swatches


Runaway Red lipstick is a repromote, it originally came out in the MAC Me Over collection. Now it has been repromoted in the MAC Shop collection. The outer sleeve is special packaging and as I said in my MAC Shop Florida Cremeblend blush it looks like retro American washing powder boxes.

The lipstick is described as a 'rich red blue' and again MAC is spot on with this description. The colour is lovely deep red with blue undertones. The lipstick is a satin finish which I used to steer away from however, MAC seem to have reformulated their satin lipsticks as they seem to be a lot creamier and less drying than they previously were, which has got to be a bonus. I'd definitely recommend you thoroughly exfoliate your lips and apply some lip balm before applying this lipstick as it will show up any imperfections on the lips and can become drying over time.

I bought this colour as I don't have a red lipstick in my collection and even though I'll happily go out wearing colours such as Vegas Volt I've always shyed away from reds. I now need a lip pencil to go with this lipstick, does anyone have any suggestions?

MAC Shop Cremeblend blush in Florida: Review & Swatches


So the Florida Cremeblend blush came out in one of MACs many new collections named MAC Shop. So I'm a sucker for packaging and promo images and I loved the images of the OTT 'desperate housewives' type images of women with big hair and bold colours!

The packaging is based on retro American washing powder boxes and I think it looks cool!

The blush is described as a 'Bright Fuschia' and it definitely is! It's a great summer colour. Compared to other cream blushes the Cremeblend's have bit more of a gel-like texture and a little goes a long way. Due to the consitancy it leaves a slight dewiness to the cheeks which I think looks lovely.

 (Florida Cremeblend blended out and then heavily swatched)

I find this blush to have very good staying power, I applied it wit my fingers and found the colour slightly stainedmy fingertip.

Above I am wearing Florida Cremeblend on my cheeks and on my lips. a while back I seen a post on Temptalias' blog which showed her with Cremeblends applied to the lips so I thought I would try it out. It's a great lip colour, very bold and you only need a small amount, if you are applying this to your lips I'd recommend that you apply a lip balm first as when it dries it can become quite drying on the lips. It does leave your lips with a stain which I like as it makes it longer wearing as a lip colour.

Mascara Monday: Avon Super Enchant mascara review


So I know it's not Monday but I've got a busy day tomorrow so thought I'd upload my second Mascara Monday today (please forgive me!)
So Mascara Mondays are my quest to review and find my perfect mascara. This week I have been trying Avons' Super Enchant mascara.

(eyelashes no mascara)

(Eyelashes with one coat of Avon Super Enchant mascara)

(Eyelashes with two coats of Avon Super Enchant mascara)

Packaging: 3/5 like all Avon packaging this mascara is simple and sleek, it easily fits into my make up bag. The text is printed on in a metallic silver which us a pretty touch to the product.
Brush: 4/5 when I first saw the brush I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not however, it suprisingly works well! As you can see it starts of larger curves in towards the centre and then becomes larger again, this helps to catch them hard to get lashes on either corner of the eye. The wand is made of bristles too which I prefer to the plastic brushes.
Consistency: 3.5/5 The formula is nice and creamy but still a bit wet which makes the eyelashes look more natural.
Ease of application: 3.5/5 this mascara applies easily and also doesn't clump therefore you can build it up as much as you like and the tightly packed bristles ensure any excess product on the lashes is removed in order to prevent clumping.
Overall look: 3.5/5 I do really like the natural look this gives the lashes but it definitely lenthens them with a tad bit of volume, it applies easily therefore you can apply on the go without having to worry about clumping.
Price: 5/5 this mascara is no longer available on Avon however, I found this seller here who is an Avon representative who is selling these mascaras' for £2.20, which is an amazing price!

Is there any mascaras' you want me to review? I'm in the process of reviewing No7's Lash 360 atm and the review for that will be up next monday!