Collective haul: MAC Naturally, Topshop & Lush


 So I've been feeling a bit down about how much uni work I've been having to do at the moment so decided to buy myself a few things to cheer me up :)

The MAC Naturally collection launched here in the UK last Thursday, I decided to be good and only buy two things (there's quite a few things I want from MAC shop shop shop cook cook cook which launches next month so I need to get saving).
I bought the MAC mineralised skin finish in 'Blonde' and a lipstick in 'A Perfect Day' 
the MAC mineralised skin finish in 'Blonde' this is a repromote from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection. Yes I mainly bought this for the name - as I'm a blonde. The powder is a gradient from a pale pink to a rosy pink, the colours can be used individually with a smaller blush brush or swirled together.
The powder is very smooth and easy to apply, on me you can see the colour so it works as a blush and not just a highlight colour, from reading reviews I know darker skin tones find it hard to get the colour to show up on their skin. The shimmery particles are very fine and therefore it doesn't look like a chunky glitter highlight it's more subtle. I really like it! I think I may purchase 'Redhead' which is a salmon gradient.

(each colour individually, palest left to right)

(Colours swirled together blended out, colours swirled together heavily swatched)

(same as above with flash)

'A Perfect Day' is a pinky beige nude with an Amplified finish. When this first arrived I didn't know whether I'd like it or not as I prefer a bit more pink in my nudes as I cannot pull off very beige nudes. But when I applied the lipstick it looks more pink on the lips than it does in the tube.

(A Perfect Day with flash)

(A Perfect Day)

Soooo I made a little trip to Topshop as my cousin got me a voucher for my birthday. I bought this distressed leather-look backpack which for £36 it's great for lugging my books around uni, my shoulders are beginning to ache from shoulder bags. I also got this studded-pyramid ring which was in the sale for £1.50

I bought another Topshop cream blush in 'High Five' I'm seriously impressed with these blushes, they are amazing! You need a tiny amount and they are great for your make up bag as you don't need to carry a blush brush around with you as they can be applied using your fingers. For £6 I will be getting more of these they are definitely worth the price!
The colour is between a raspberry/cotton candy pink. It's a lovely colour and looks like a natural flush to the cheeks.

(Topshop blush in High Five blended out, heavily swatched)
Hello I'm Sian and I'm a lushaholic, it's my weakness every time I'm in Town, I cannot walk past and not go in and I cannot go in and not buy anything.
I bought:
  •  bubblegum lip scrub as my lips always feel really dry when I get home from being somewhere with air conditioning on. It smells and tastes yummy.
  • Melting Marshmallow - I've never tried this but it smells amazing so I'm looking foward to trying it
  • The comforter bubble bar - my favourite!
  • You've been mangoed bath melt, this is amazing if you have dry skin.
  • And the lovely man at lush put in this very large sample of Honey I washed the Kids soap, I love lush staff they are always so friendly!
P.S. I served Prince Edward at work last night and it was totally strange, was so nervous as I wasn't allowed to touch him accidentally. But I managed it!
Have you been hauling recently? I love reading haul posts and watching haul videos :)


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  1. Sooooooooooooooo many lovely things! Thanks for a great review about the products - very useful.

    1. No problem , I'm glad you enjoyed. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) x

  2. nice blog :) i soo wanna try the topshop makeup range x

    1. Thank you! Yea the Topshop range is amazing, especially for the prices :) x

  3. I love my topshop cream blush <3
    I'm a new follower of yours would love it if u could visit and follow back sometime :)
    mwah xx

    1. I'm following you now, you have a great blog! I totally agree the Topshop blushes are awesome! xxx

  4. Ooh loving the new Mac collection, I'm tempted to get both the blush and lipstick :)


    1. I'd definatly recommend them! :) xx

  5. I love everything in this post!! especially the lush products:) they always smell so good xx

  6. your so pretty!! im your newest follower :) xxx

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  7. You have a very beautiful/interesting blog . . . I LOVE IT .

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