Paul & Joe kitten/cat collection review and swatches


How cute is this packaging?! KITTY! I'm not a fan of cats in general but found this collection soooooo cute that I had to get a couple of things from it.

I got a lipstick and a blusher stick. The lipstick is in 007 catwalk (£16) and the blusher stick is in 002 Minou (£21)

PEEKABOO! So the blusher stick has the most adorable mould, the top is a cat with a dicky bow and top hat. It is available in three colours, this pink, orange and a goldy cream highlight colour. Out of the three I'd get most use out of this colour. The colour is a rosey, peachy pink. It very much reminds me of Nars' Deep throat blush.
I thought this was going to be matte but much to my disappointment once you rub the surface the blush does have flecks of shimmer; this may not be a bad thing for you and it isn't a problem for me I was just hoping it was matte.
I use the back of the cats head to get product as I do not want to ruin the pretty shape. However if you wanted to keep the shape you could always cut the blusher stick from the base (and where the shape starts and then melt the shape back to the base (like when repairing a lipstick)
The blusher stick has a very nice silky creamy consistancy and like with all cream blushers a little goes a long way.

I have a little pet peeve with Paul & Joes' limited edition packaging, it always looks so pretty however it is highly impractical. The casing is made of cardboard and being a geeky student I chuck my lipsticks into my bag and the last limited edition lipstick I had got covered in blue highlighter pen and ink. Not pretty anymore but I'll learn from my mistake.
The colour product is cute there are little paw prints moulded into the lipstick, the colour i a bright peachy pink, as a coral lover I really wouldn't class this colour as coral as it is more peachy and wearable dailt than coral.
The finish of the lipstick reminds me of MACs cremesheen finish as it has a little bit of a sheen to it and is quite creamy and therefore not drying on the lips.

The blusher stick has 4g/0.14 oz and the lipstick has 3g/0.1 oz. So there is not a great deal more product in the blusher stick, I'd say these products are more for people who are a sucker for packaging. Even though I got 20% student discount on these products on ASOS I don't think I would pay full price for these as I would not want to use them!

(Blusher stick in Minou blended out, Blusher stick in Minou heavily swatched, Lipstick in Catwalk)

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  1. the packaging is soo cute! i could never stand to use it.

  2. Minou looks lovely, I still need to buy one of these! xx


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