Benefits Tan about Town!


So as I was having one of my regular browses on asos (free shipping and 20% student!) I came across this exclusive to asos benefit set.

"Our mini kit for a 'quickie' natural-looking, nobody will know it came from a box." and it sure does exactly what it says on the box!

It includes:
  • Some kind-a gorgeous in medium 1.8g
  • Hoola bronzing powder 3g
  • Badgal lash mascara 4g

Soooo this mini set was £9 (£7.20 with my discount) I had never tried any of these products from benefit (yes it's pretty tragic) so I thought this was the perfect way to test them out!

This is a great mascara, gives you volume and a little extra length but it didn't blow me away. I was expecting it to be amazing due to how much people hype it up but everyones lashes are different I suppose. But my favourite mascara is still Lancome doll eyes. However, this little mini is going to be perfect for my handbag and when I want a bit of an extra lift. I really do like the style of the brush, it makes sure every lash is coated!

Hello hoola bronzer! I've never been a fan of bronzer and I think that's because I never found one perfect for me, I hate the shimmery bronzers, I hate the dark bronzers and I hate the 'let's wear bronzer instead of blusher look' However, I'm converted! I love this bronzer it's lovely and matte, it has a silky texture and looks so natural.(it's heavily swatched above). Will definatly be purchasing full-size.

Some kind-a gorgeous 'the foundation faker' I love this concept, a product which has coverage of a foundation without there being much product on your face. The smell is amazing, it smells of almonds and has a really smooth texture, it feels lovely on my skin. The only thing which lets this product down is the coverage. It looks lovely and natural and I love the natural skin look but not sure if I am brave neough to wear this out yet. I'd say it is light coverage but still pretty decent coverage.

Overall, I love this set. I think this is the perfect way of trying out products without forking out for full-size and then being dissapointed. If you fancy this set check it out on asos :)

So what sets have you been trying out which have suprised you? which benefit products are your favs?

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  1. Cute set :) I've never used anything from benefit before :( been wanting try some think I'll have a look now xx

  2. oooh I love the concealers! erase paste or boing are definatly worth checking out! also love the eye brightner xx

  3. I've been wanting to try that mascara for the longest time! :) what a cute little set, i love benefit products because they have really cute packaging, and they have always worked well for me. Benefit concealers are my fave xx

  4. Totally agree about the concealers they really do cover everything! and I'm a sucker for cute packaging too :) xx

  5. This set sounds/looks great! I was really disappointed by "BadGal" mascara too.. it didn't seem to volumise or lengthen my eyelashes much! xxx

  6. I felt exactly the same, a very overhyped product xxx

  7. I like the sound of the light coverage from Some kind-a gorgeous - I hate it when it's obvious that you're wearing foundation, I think it looks hideous! x x

  8. I totally agree, thick foundation really isn't a good look! This has coverage siminlar a tinted moisturiser. Which is great for during the day :) xx


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