The battle of the Beauty reward cards! Debenhams, Boots & Superdrug...


As a student I know how important it is to watch the pennies! So beauty reward cards really appeal to me, earn points by buying cosmetics? yes please!
So which beauty card offers you more for your money??

Debenhams beauty club: 
  • Free standard delivery (I love this!)
  • Free beauty makeovers
  • Exclusive gifts offers and samples
  • You earn 5 points for every £1 online
  • You earn 3 points for every £1 instore if you spend over £25
  • You earn 1 point for every £1 if you spend under £25
  • 500 points = £5 reward, points are converted to rewards on a monthly basis.
  • Debenhams often do features where if you spend over £50 you get 500-1000 extra points with your order (which will be perfect when christmas gift shopping) This could mean for spending £50 you may earn £12.50!
Superdrug beautycard:

  • This beauty card doubles up as a mirror
  • extra offers and perks when you sign up for emails
  • You earn 5 points for every £1 online
  • You earn 1 point for every £1 instore
  • 100 points = £1 reward
  • Often give away bonus points
Boots advantage card:
  • You can also earn points on your boots advantage card whilst shopping at other stores (an A-Z list of these stores is available on the boots website)
  • You earn 4 points for every £1 online
  • Sorry I couldn't find how many points you earn instore!
  • 100 points = £1 reward
  • Often give away bonus points
I think all of these cards are extremely useful to me as I shop at all three but if your buying more expensive things such as perfume or your shopping online and want free delivery I think Debenhams is your best bet. However, I really like it when boots and superdrug offer more points in bonus periods for spending a certain amount or buying a certain thing.
So which beauty cards do you have? and which do you think are best for your money?

9 Comments so far to 'The battle of the Beauty reward cards! Debenhams, Boots & Superdrug...'

  1. I only have Boots at the moment, I think I need to look in to getting a Superdrug and Debenhams xx

  2. Yea they are useful if your going to buy something there, they are free so why not :) xxx

  3. I have a Boots & Superdrug card, I love saving my points! I'm currently saving for a YSL lippy with my Boots card :)

  4. I wish they had as good as offers in Australia wth our version of those stores

  5. What a great blog post i didn't know the Debenhams card gave you free postage. Brilliant xx

  6. @Sophie Isobel I dont blame you, YSL lippys are amazing! and so pretty.
    @Vivian it's a shame they don't do these offers worldwide, lets hope Australia catches on soon :)
    @Hayley86bright, thank you! and yes but it is only on beauty products and you have to type in SHBC at the checkout and you then get free delivery on any beauty products and perfume :) xxx

  7. I love my SuperDrug card :) I have had a boots one for years but never really used it much :(
    Thanks for info on debenhams card I'd also never heard of it xxx

  8. I'm the same with my boots card, its rarely been used! :( xxx

  9. V.useful! I have a boots one but always lose it do always get those receipt things but never add on my points!
    And I like the sound of the debenhams card! Hmmm might have to check this out!xx


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