Mascara Monday: Lancome Doll Eyes Review


So this is the third mascara review on my quest to find the perfect mascara, I previously confessed that thus far this is the closest mascara I've found to my perfect mascara. However, the £20.50 price tag puts me off buying it regularily.

I usually test these mascara's out for two weeks however, I have tried this out for a lot longer as this is my second tube of Lancome Doll Eyes mascara!

(Lashes with no mascara, rubbish picture I know, sorry! my lashes are a light brown though)

(Lashes with one coat of Lancome Doll Eyes mascara)

(Lashes with two coats of Lancome Doll Eyes mascara)

Packaging: 5/5 Not only is this packaging sleek with it's glossy black and pretty floral pattern but it's handy! It's durable and the curve down the centre makes it easier to hold as your applying!
Brush: 4/5 The tapered brush makes it easier to catch those little hairs at the edges that a larger brush would clump up. Also the brush has loads of bristles which makes sure every lash is coated. Sometimes lashes are brushed together therefore stick together.
Consistency: 4/5 The consistency of the product is a perfect balance between thick and watery, it makes for ease of building the mascara up. However, I find when you build up too much it starts to clump.
Ease of application: 3.5 The formula dries quick therefore no smudging or flaking. If your building up this mascara with several coats it needs to be worked with quick as the formula dries quick if several lashes are stuck together thats how they'll remain.
Overall look: 4/5 I love how this mascara makes my lashes look! It gives both length and volume I love how it wings out my outer lashes (not very technical but i hope you know what I mean!)My only problem with this mascara is it can clump if not worked with quickly. But once it's dry it causes no problems and stays put all day!
Price: £20.50 - expensive I know, that's why I'm on the hunt for an alternative. Right now Id say it's worth the price as I haven't found a mascara as good as it.

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  1. I've wanted to try this for a long while, but high end mascara is the one product I always begrudgingly pay for, anything else I'm happy to spend the money on, I don't know why! Have you tried L'Oreal Telescopic? I really love that mascara and it's not bad for a tenner. x

    1. I haven't tried Lloreal telescopic, I don't know why I haven't because everyone raves about it. Think I need to try that one next, thank you! :) x

  2. You have such pretty eyes. I really don't like paying for expensive mascaras but I've been eyeing this one for a while. I think I'll have to get it :-p

  3. I use a mix of Benefit Bad Gal lashes for length and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes for volume, they compliment each other so well! :)


  4. This looks much better on your eyes than mine. I use Benefit They're Real which is AMAZING and L'oreal Volume Million Lashes which is great and a lot cheaper :)

  5. looks good, thinking about buying it ! x

  6. I am addicted to this too! The price does put you off a little but it is worth it xo

  7. Love how your lashes turned out! I get most of my mascaras from Lancome (since my Mom worked there), and not being biased, but I think they do have the best ones! I'm not sure which ones you've tried, but after using every high end brand and drug store brand, they always work wonderfully. I would recommend Lancome Definicils Precious Cells! It's AMAZING. Also, if you want a more oomph, try using Lancome (Cils Booster) base mascara.

    * Always, Stephanie

  8. wow. your letters are so small.. and i wear glasses :D lol
    it looks good , maybe it would be better if they separate your lashes .. :)


  9. This looks great on your lashes and sounds really good but the price is a little off-putting :) xx

  10. this looks amazing! very pretty and lush!

  11. great review!
    i am always so worried to try high end mascaras cause i am scared they are a waste of money but this one looks really good!
    if you are looking for a really good cheap one then maybelline colossal mascara is my recommendation!

  12. This is such a useful post- epsecially round christmas :) I always think about getting a more pricey mascara, but then I always chicken out and end up buying a cheaper one which I end up hating after a few uses! I think it's time to invest! xo


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