DIY: Pearl studded denim shirt


After seeing pearl studded items on Zara and Miss Guided I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I decided to stud a denim shirt I had bought from Primark last year, I was going to throw it out but I thought I'd re-vamp it instead!

What you will need:

  1. An item of clothing you want to stud
  2. Some pearl studs
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Super glue

I got my pearl studs from ebay here £1.83 including P&P for 20, I think they are meant for paper-craft however, with the technique I use they are perfectly fine for studding clothing. They are 8mm and are faux white pearl with antique gold looking edging, with a hoop which slots over the stud.

First I carefully pierced a hole with the tip of a pair of scissors. Be patient with this, just carefully wiggle the scissors until a small hole is formed.

Place the tip from the stud through the hole, ensuring the pearl side is on the outside of the collar.

Flip the collar over and pull the stud tight.

Then add the ring to trap the fabric, push this as tightly towards the fabric as possible. Making sure the fabric is wedged between the stud and the ring.

Put superglue around where the base of the stud and the ring meet. this will ensure that the stud is sturdy (The stud locking with the ring may not be strong enough on it's own.)

Then repeat the process in whatever pattern you want, I was going for a triangle shape at the tip of the collar...

Until you get this! :)

Easy simple way of re-vamping an old shirt! for the price of £1.83! BARGAIN!

 I'm not sure whether this will work wll with chiffon fabrics as when you pierce the hole the fabric is likely to stretch and therefore the hole will become too big for the stud. As long as the fabric is moderatly thick I'm sure it will work.

Do you like DIY posts? If so I'll do more of them

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  1. great DIY hun it looks fab

  2. Super great DIY! I've tried it with spike studs before but the pearls look ace!


  3. Cute diy, I really love this idea (:
    Pearls are always so pretty.

  4. loving this DIY! Seriously one of the best to vamp up an old shirt!

  5. Ah this is awesome! I have an old denim shirt that needs sprucing up!

  6. great blog :) I follow you:) Follow me if you like kisses Magda xx


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