Real techniques core face brush set: Review


So these brushes have been causing a stir amongst the blogsphere so I needed to get my mitts on them. Every review I read was a glowing report on how magnificent these brushes are. So I thought Are these brushes REALLY worth the hype?

I bought the core face brush set which comes with

  • A blending brush
  • A detailer brush
  • A pointed foundation brush
  • A contour brush
  • All packaging in this very hady brush case/stand!

The stand is really handy and I like how small/compact it is. Recently I've been putting my everyday brushes in it and putting it in my bag as I do with my make up bag.

This is my favourite brush of the set and it is the blending brush. It is sent from heaven, I need to go and thank Samantha Chapman personally as this has cut my make up routine down by about 10minutes! Foundation applies like a dream with this brush no streaks, no un-eveness and in no time! I can literally do my foundation in 2 minutes with this and it applies so flawlessly. I need another one :)

(This is how dense the blending brush is)

I wasn't sure as to what I could use the detailer brush for. So I thought I'd use it to apply my concealer. How small the end is makes sure it only gets product on any blemishes and it gets in the corners of the undereyes. I then use my finger to blend the concealer out.

I'm not a huge fan of these flat shaped foundation brushes, I find they generally apply foundation unevenly creating streaks (I probably just don't know how to use them properly). However, I cannot comment on this brush yet as I haven't tried it (due to how amazing the blending brush is for applying foundation). I think due to the pointed end this will be good at getting into the smaller areas of the face i.e. around the nose.

The contour brush is amazing to, it's domed so it fits well into the hollows of the cheeks in order to achieve that perfectly slim face! I'm a big fan of contour due to my chubby baby face and this brush is an excellent replacement to my now very old benefit powder brush!

Overall, I am really impressed with this set and for £21.99 it was a bargain! I think I need to get the eye brush set if it is of the same quality of this set.
Have any of you tried the eye brush set?


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