MAC Love Thing mineralize blush: Review & Swatches


So recently I picked up another bargain on Buyapowa. I picked up this MAC mineralize blush for £9.50 with a £1.50 P&P which is an £8 saving!
I've never discussed buyapowa on my blog before probably because I presume everyone knows what buyapowa is on the blogsphere! However, for anyone who doesn't buyapowa is like 'price-drop TV' online, so the more people who join a co-buy the cheaper everyone receives the product for. I constantly browse the site as you often get great bargains on beauty items.

MAC Love Thing is a gorgeous rosy/plummy colour which will be great in winter or applied really lightly for a natural flush to the cheeks. There is only one down side to this product and that is the amount of shimmer in it! In day-light the shimmer is strictly gold however, under artificial lighting close up the glitter within the product is indeed multi-coloured there is flecks of green, pink and gold.

Unluckily I am one of the girls who aren't a huge fan of glitter even though this is a very pretty colour! It is a highly pigmented blush and really needs to be applied lightly in order to prevent having clown cheeks (which is the disaster I went through the first time i applied this) You need the smallest amount on your brush.

I find MACs mineralized products are a lot dryer than the average powder products creating a slightly chalkier texture. However, it doesn't appear to look chalky on the skin and is very long wearing. I wore this for 10 hours with little fading or wear to the blush.

Overall, this is a great blush however, I don't think I would have paid full price for it. The colour is beautiful for winter and I see because of the pigmentation the blush is going to last me forever. The only down side is the amount of glitter/shimmer in the blush.

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