Nars Isolde eyeshadow duo: Review & Swatches


This has become my favourite eyeshadow combination of the moment! I had to buy this after Zoella was talking about how she wears this duo a lot.

I love Nars packaging, it's so sleek. It's a pain to clean though!

Isolde is a gorgeous colour duo, the first colour is a pale goldy colour and the second is a darker bronzier/coppery colour. These colours have orange undertones and therefore looking at the colour wheel are likely to make blue eyes 'POP'. As I have blue eyes I thought this duo would be perfect for me.

As soon as I opened this eyeshadow I thought there may be something wrong with my shadow it has a very alcoholy smell, which put me off using it. I've only ever owned Nars blushes and lipsticks and have never experienced the products smelling that potent. the smell isn't noticeable once the shadows are applied.

However, when I did try the clolours they did compliment eachother beautifully! The texture was smooth making them easy to work with. I rarely use a primer with eyeshadows as I never experience creasing but I did experience a small amount of creasing with these shadows which was eliminated when I started using a primer with them.

The duo is great as I can put it in my make up bag and know thats all I need. They look great on their own, I've been wearing the pale colour on the lid and the darker colour in the crease. I apply a highlight in the brow bone and inner corner and that sets the look completely.

I'd really recommend this duo, even if you don't have blue eyes (but it does really compliment blue eyes beautifully) the shadows apply really well and easyand they can be used for both a day time or a night time look.

I'm now on the hunt for other Nars duos! Can you recommend any?

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  1. This is so pretty, love the colours. x


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