Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase: Mini Review


I've never tried any of clarins skin care so I was pleased when I was sent this little 3ml sample of their new skin care product HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase. Does anyone else love how Debenhams always sends free samples with your order? I think it's a lovely touch! I've had perfume samples galore and even a Elemis hand cream in the past. Good job Debenhams!

This product is a face serum which claims to "restore a more youthful-looking appearance to dehydrated skin"

The above leaflet which was included states: "Thirsty and mistreated by extreme conditions, your skin feels tight and has developed premature lines. To help restore your skins youthful look, Clarins has formulated this intensive, replenishing serum. Thanks to its double formula, including both oil and water soluble ingredients, Intensive Serum Bi-Phase can combine the most powerful hydrating ingredients discovered by Clarins Research to restore skin comfort, radiance and a softer, plumper look"

My Verdict I've used this serum twice now, which doesn't really qualify a full review on the product but so far I am really enjoying this product. As a person who has never tried face serums, this has really encouraged me to check out different brands. I love how this serum makes my skin look. It makes the skin softer and plumper, it leaves a healthy looking dewy glow.

I have dry skin and this makes my skin feel like its absorbed a bottle of water, it really is hydrating! This is exclusive at debenhams from 21st May to 10th June. So far I do really like it however, it is £40 for about 30ml (I think) a little does go a long way but I don't know whether I could bring myself to pay that much.

Has anyone got any face serum recommendations?

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  1. it sounds really great.

    From Paris with love!
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