tinted lip balms! YSL volupte sheer candy & ELF conditioning lip balm review and swatches!


As winter is coming I decided to go on a quest to try out tinted lip balms. Winter can be harsh on lips so it is important to keep them moisterised.
I tried elf's conditioning lip balm SPF 15 in romantic rouge RRP. £3.50 and YSL's volupte sheer candy lipstick in No.4 RRP. £21.
 Firstly, the Yves Saint Laurent Volupte sheer candy lipstick has uber amazing packaging! how can you not enjoy looking at this?! These are lipsticks designed to nourish lips like a balm but add subtle colour and shine and they do just that! the colour is very sheer but buildable, I chose this hot pink colour which does still look quite bright on the lips. The lady at the make up counter told me that the paler colours aren't very pigmented so I'd recommend going for one of the brighter colours.
The lipstick smells amazing, like watermelon (I think!) It stays on really well and left my lips really soft, hours after wearing it it felt as though my lips had soaked up all the moisture and left me with super soft tinted lips.
The only problem with this is the price for £21 for 3.5ml it is expensive, but I do love this product and will try and save it for special days this winter.

Now to elfs conditioning lip balm. The colour is very opaque and pigmented compared to the YSL lipstick and contains vitamins A & E which can only be a good thing! It does feel very moisterising on my lips and does leave them feeling soft yet I find myself reapply this a lot throughout the day as it tends to come off whilst eating and drinking unlike the YSL lipstick. When I open the lipbalm I get an overwhelming smell of play dough however when wearing the lipbalm there is no scent (which is good, I don't want my lips smelling of playdough!)
(ELF conditioning lip balm in romantic rouge & YSL volupte sheer candy in No.4)

Overall, I prefer the YSL volupte sheer candy lipstick for it's overall performance and packaging. However, ELFs conditioning lip balm has more product for £17.50 less and is a really good daily alternative which is very pigmented and is an ideal alternative to lipstick this winter. Both brands have a wide range of colours so protect your lips in style this winter!

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  1. that ysl looks soooo nice!!xx


  2. That ysl lipstick is literally my favourite lipstick ever :D


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