Naked palette 2: review & swatches!


So, as a lot of you bloggers will indeed know the Naked palette 2 went on sale Friday night for facebook debenhams beauty card fans. After a lot of chaos the palette which was meant to be laubched at 12am was launched at 11pm due to a leak of the webpage. All in all it was a fun night seeing numerous people write on Debenhams page "how do I know if my order is real?" "How do I know if my order went through?" all over an eyeshadow palette! lol oh and #prayforkelly

I received my palette today and I'm so excited to start experimenting with different looks. The colours are amazing! The palette is available on Debenhams website and it will launch instores everywhere 6th Feburary

The set included a lipgloss in the colour 'naked' (how original...) I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss but it's a nice gloss. It has a minty scent but smells like after eights I'm not a huge fan of the tingling feeling it leaves on my lips however the packaging is cute! I love the lid.

The set includes a double ended brush for the lid and the crease, the brush is soft and for once I'll actually be using the brush provided with a palette!

The swatches aren't amazing as I was in a rush (I have a ton of work to do!)
I love the mixtures of shimmers and matte colours!
The colours are described as follows:
  • Booty Call (shimmery cork)

  • Foxy (cream bisque w/matte finish)

  • Half Baked (golden-bronze w/shimmery finish)

  • Chopper (copper shimmer w/silver micro glitter)

  • Snake Bite (dark bronze shimmer w/metallic base)

  • Suspect (pale golden beige w/shimmery finish)

  • Tease (creamy pale brown w/matte finish)

  • YDK (cool bronze shimmer w/metallic base)

  • Busted (deep brown w/shimmery finish)

  • Blackout (blackest black w/matte finish)

  • Pistol (light greyish brown w/shimmery finish)

  • Verve (oyster w/shimmery finish)

  • One shadow I think I might have a problem with is Chopper, it's a pretty colour but the texture seems like fall-out will be inevitable unless applied lightly.

    Did you get Naked 2? ;) (excuse the pun) or did you pass on this palette?

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      1. It is amazing, I've used it almost everyday since it's arrived, it's amazing how many different looks you can get out of it :) xx

    2. I want this but I don't need it. I'm still unsure about this pallet, for now I'm not buying it. xx

      1. I get what you mean I felt the same about the first Naked palette, it's really useful to have though ass i literally live in neutral colours xx

    3. i love this palette, it's just what I need :) and you have a lovely blog :) following you

      1. Thank you, I'll check out your blog now Veronica! :) x

    4. This palette looks so nice. Nice swatches.
      Just followed your blog.

    5. Thank you! I'll follow back now :)

    6. I got to get myself one of those Naked Palettes too! Love the colours!
      I´m your new follower now:)

      lovely greets


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