Birthday Haul!


It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 20 (I really don't want to grow older) and my lovely boyfriend took me to the Trafford Centre as it is my one day off a week.

So let's start with make up, here's the goodies I got:

I love Chanel foundations, so far I've tried Pro Lumiere, Mat Lumiere, Vital Lumiere Aqua and now Perfection Lumiere (I may do a review of all of them in general as a post) Perfection Lumiere is the newest addition to the Chanel foundation family. It os a semi-matte finish and replaces Pro Lumiere and Mat Lumiere which have now been discontinued.

I don't have access directly to most make up brands where I live, I have to order online for most brands. I've been lusting after Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer kit for ages after reading reviews on blogs here there and everywhere. So when I finally had the chance to get colour matched I snapped it up. This really is an amazing concealer, I was using Benefit's Boiing but this same coverage but not as thick.

Whilst I was in MAC I picked up a few things one of them was the eyeshadow above in 'Naked Lunch' - sorry I couldn't get a good swatch, it's a nude colour with a frost finish.

I was running out of my MAC prep + prime translucent powder which I love it's the best translucent powder I've tried. I also got 'Azalea Blossom' blush ombre from the Daphne Guiness collection. The blush on the left is Topshop's Neon Rose and I love it, I love coral colours and this is perfect for summer!

Lipsticks from left to right (Vegas Volt, Creme Cup, Viva Glam Gaga I)

Did you miss out on Viva Glam Gaga first time around? don't fear! it's in stock at Debenhams for a limited time only so if your into your bubblegum pinks go snap it up.
I love MAC lipsticks, theres such a great colour range and they are very good wearing. My heads in summer at the moment so these colours jumped out at me. Vegas Volt is a beautiful coraly orange, Creme Cup is a nude pink and Viva Glam Gaga is a bright bubblegum pink. Creme Cup is going to be my new daily staple!

A bit of a MAC rant: So as I don't live near a MAC counter I don't have much experience with their staff which everyone seems to rant about. Being fed up of online swatches (I bought restrict lipstick from Gareth Pugh and it looks flipping awful on me) I decided I might just start saving my money and taking trips to a counter instead in another city.
However, the experience I had yesterday wasn't amazing. The first time I went in I can understand (my boyfriend when entering the store said 'she's wearing tonnes of make up' about a sales assistant and I think she heard so she completely ignored me whilst another sales assistant kept pestering me so I quickly told her two things I wanted and went. Later on I went back in in hopes they'd let me browse on my own, in fact they did, all the sales assistants where stood in a circle talking and applying make up on one another as I was stood there saying 'excuse me'. Finally one of them responded and got the things I wanted but the rest where just yapping away whilst there was customers waiting. It must have been 'lets be matching day' as every sales assistmat had a very heavy black smokey eye and a bright purple lip, I'm glad they didn't do my make up.

So enough of ranting, here's the clothes I got:

T-shirt: Topshop, Jumper: Topman

Hat and Slippers: Topshop

Shorts: River Island, Dress: Republic

Oh and I got a little something for Frankie 

Matching jackets! haha

Hope your all okay! Check out my lush giveaway if you want, to enter click here

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  1. Wow! You got some great stuff! I really want Azalea Blossom and Vegas Volt, so pretty! Love the hat and slippers too xx

    1. Thank you :) Azalea Blossom is definitely worth the money as essentially it's three blushes in one xx

  2. Love the matching build a bear jacket;) Also the dress and shorts:)) xx

  3. You got some lovely stuff.. I have been lusting over the Bobbi Brown concealer too!

    1. it's available on buyapowa at the moment for a bit cheaper, just thought I;d let you know incase your interested :)

  4. love you orange t-shirt :)

  5. I love the make up you got. I love birthdays :)

  6. Love all of it! Now I just have to get MAC Vegas Volt because the swatch looks gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! yes it's such a pretty summery colour!

  7. Oh, I love these gifts! You're lucky :) The cosmetics - I would love to have them :D Frankie looks cool in his new coat ;) I know it's lil' late, but happy B'day! ;)
    Could you take a look at my personal style blog?
    Follow me if you like it.
    I'll be happy to follow you back :)
    Joanna from

    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog now and follow :) x

  8. Wow you got such gorgeous pressies for your bday!! Love the MAC stuff xx

  9. I have also mac vegas volt and I love it so good choice :))

  10. Azalea Blossom is gorgeous! a bit expensive though..


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