Why are girls so bitchy?


This is a question I've wondered since high school. Why do girls feel the need to be so god damn bitchy?
It's seriously a pet peeve of mine, as I mainly work in a female environment I'm constantly hearing different stories and I think to myself is there any need?

I'm going to hold my hand up high and admit I have bitched about people in the past but some girls take it far too far.

Next time your going to tell another person a story about something else think:
  1. What has this person done wrong to me? (now if this girl has slept with your boyfriend behind your back or stole your grandmas purse then this is a reasonably acceptable reason to dislike someone)
  2. Would I be willing (and am going too) to say this to there face? If no then don't bother continuing
  3. Is what I'm about to say a rumour? If you don't have evidence or haven't witnessed it then don't go around telling people, don't believe everything you hear
  4. Is the person your going to talk about is a boyfriend/ex boyfriend/love interests new girlfriend or ex girl friend? your jealous, get over it. There's nothing more unattractive than the green eyed monster. He's moved on now so should you!
  5. Is the person I'm about to talk about someone I'm friends with? If the person is someone you are friends with then you need to have a look in the mirror and try and remove that second face of yours. This is the fastest way for everyone to lose all respect for you. Afterall if someone hears you bitching about a friend your likely to do the same about them.
  6. Is what I'm about to say anything to do with me? If no then don't waste your breathe, there's polar ice caps melting in the arctic because of people wasting their breathe on saying things which don't even affect them. Worry about yourself that person can look after themselves.

Girls for some reason hate eachother, seriously why?! I can count the amount of true girl friends I have on one hand and I have loads of male friends why? Well because men are simple, they rarely bitch, they confront their friends when they have a problem and can't be assed with drama.

I hate it when you get told someone who you don't even know has been saying stuff but what really hurts is when you find out someone who you regarded highly has been saying stuff.

So girls have a good think, it's not fun to bitch you look jealous and like you have nothing better to do with your time, you'll lose friends and all respect people had for you.

Sorry to rant girls but this needed to be said us girls need to stick together not fight!

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  1. So true! I went to an all girls school and the bitchiness was horrible! I always tell my friends if I have a problem with them and they do the same for me. I'm the same as you most of my friends are boys due to silly childish fights in school with friends, when I think back I can't even remember what they were over! Some people just grow out of the bitchiness, some stay that way for life!
    great post!

  2. It really is true. One of my best friends only hung out with guys until a few years ago because she hated the bitchy girl drama. We became friends and I tried to convince her this wasn't true....and then her only female friend other than me started spreading rumours about her and trying to get people to dislike her for no apparent reason. Some girls make all of us look bad!


  3. I love this: "look in the mirror and try and remove that second face of yours" haha!

    I work with virtually all men, only one other woman, and believe me they are just as bitchy!

    Why can't everyone just be nice! x x

  4. I don't understand it either! I hate bitchy girls and they annoy me to no end!!


  5. Sorry I haven't responded girls, been very busy with uni work this week. I'm glad I'm not the only person with this opinion, and I'm happy to hear about your views on the topic. It's just the minority of girls letting us down :( xxx

  6. Ahh god this is SO true of so many girls isn't it, I choose the places I work based on the percentage of men v women, I much prefer them!x

  7. hahha i love this post , this made my day , great job. i hope u can follow back britters89.blogspot.com

  8. its hard to find real authentic girls who are very down to earth. I think bitchy girls are have alot of insecurities about themselves have high hopes of being someone they will never be.

    -Mia xoxo

  9. hahhaha! this is so funny... and i was laughing really hard. great blog... and am following! hope you can visit and follow-back if you enjoy my blog. :)


  10. Thank you! seriously means a lot when someone says they've enjoyed a blog post! I'll check out your blog now and follow back! xxx

  11. totally agree with you - guys are just so much easier to get along with...barely any drama or bitchiness!

  12. I totally agree with you, and this is a question I ask myself daily! There's really no need to talk behind each others backs. Guys are way easier to get along with. Thanks for posting this, it was great! I'm now following you, it would mean a lot of you checked out my blog too? xx, Kels


  13. Awww thank you! Will check out your blog now and follow back :) xxx

  14. Very well said. This post really made me chuckle! :-)



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  16. Girls will never change !!

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